Tier lists(Why you should not trust them), Team Discussion, Newish Player advice.

So what is a tier list? Tier lists are a list that show what the “meta” is. It ranks the available characters in the game showing you which ones are meta and what isn’t. The term meta in the gaming community simply means “Most Effective Tactic Available”, anything meta means they are incredibly strong. However in other games that can range from Clash Royale, League, Smite, Overwatch, etc. balances changes will either buff or nerf characters, and that is what determines the meta. Most things not meta will hardly see any use until they are buffed again. However PAD is very different, Gung-ho does not, has not, and will not nerf anything, they only buff things and release new content. Because of this, tier lists for PAD should ONLY be used as a reference. I will explain why in detail later in this article.

Due to the fact that no characters will receive a nerf, this means older cards are typically worse than newer cards. PAD goes through many meta shifts, a while ago it was the heart cross meta, now we are in the combo meta that relies heavily on the 7c awakening, shifting slightly towards a color cross meta (in my opinion). If order to keep most cards relevant, Gung-ho needs to give older cards huge buffs, and this is why Reincarnated evolutions exist, to buff old Awoken evolutions and make them at least usable again. Part of the reason why older cards get pushed aside is because of newer and stronger cards, this is rather obvious however. Newer cards can clear harder content easier, faster, and more consistently than older cards. The other reason is because of new dungeons, most notably Alt. Arena. The insane difficulty of this dungeon means that leads that had issues with A3 are completely pushed aside, older cards don’t have the burst to clear AA consistently. Tier lists can only tell you what is good, not what is bad.

No tier list is ever accurate, and should never be trusted as well. Any lead that can consistently clear a dungeon will always be able to consistently clear that dungeon, even if better leads are released, harder dungeons come out, and stronger subs come out. Leaders not on the tier list aren’t exactly bad.  One reason is due to the fact that it will never receive a nerf, only indirect buffs through the release of stronger subs. The other reason is your box. I personally use Game8’s tier list now that Setsu no longer writes. Game8 lists this as the current tier list (NA only):




Mai Shiranui
Xmas Kali
Blue Hunter
Revo Kushi
Light Ideal
Dark Ideal
Revo Anubis


Ragnarok Dragon
Light Heradra
Yog’ Sothot
Dark Sherias Roots
NY Yomi



Taking a look at this list, you see the presence of a lot of 6+star rolls, Rikku, Diara, and Rushana being the only farmables (Rag and HeraDra if you consider MP purchases farmable too), and Kushi and Anubis being the only pantheon rolls. All of these leads have one or more of these aspects: Survivability (eg. BHunter’s HP increase or Rikku’s shield), High damage that is easily achievable (with or without 7×6 board, eg. Anubis and Rushana), and a well-rounded lead that has a decent sub pool, not heavily focused on one stat, etc. However, like I said before, just because a lead is not on this list, it does not mean they are bad. DAth is a great example, though complete garbage in newer dungeons like CTA or A4, she is still an excellent lead for A3, as upon her release, she was at the top of the tier list for the consistent A3 clears she provided and still provides. Part of what makes a lead good are its stats and ability to clear difficult dungeons more efficiently than other leads. The other reason is your choices of subs.

Your box is what heavily determines if a lead is good or not. For example, lets say you own a Yog and a Bastet, if your box has a lot of good green cards and not many/no good light cards, your Bastet team will be able to clear more than your Yog team, despite her being the weaker lead. I experienced this myself when Myr became a thing. I hardly played her because I lacked light subs, so I just stuck with playing Bastet, and my first A3 clear was with her, this was before killer latents were a thing, so we did not have FUA, no Fujin, and no pixels. I had much better subs for Bastet than I had for Myr, so my Bastet team was able to clear much more content than Myr, despite Myr being at the top of the tier list back then. I’m very bad at analogies, so hopefully this makes enough sense that I get my point across:

Think of a team like a car. Your lead is the engine and your subs are the other parts that allow the car to function, such as wheels, steering wheels, brakes, etc. If you have a V6 engine but you got bad wheels and a dysfunctional breaking system, your car isn’t going to make it very far. But if you use a weaker engine like a 4-cylinder one and you got good quality tires, breaks, etc. then your car is going to function much better than a car with a V6 engine with bad parts (not a car guy so hopefully this made sense).

Put simply, play the lead you can build the best team for. Overall it’s your subs that determine a good lead. Teambuilding is one of the hardest things for a newer player to do, and that’s totally understandable. A newer player won’t know the synergy between different actives and leads, but as you get advice for how to build your teams, you pick up little things over time (at least for me it did), and you become a better team builder. Be sure to change up your teams for different dungeons too, this can mean using different subs, a completely different team with a different lead, or changing the order of your subs (your subs attack starting with main att. from left to right, than sub att., you can use this to fight various color absorbs depending on your team). I’ve seen way too many people ask “how to I use this team to beat this dungeon, I keep dying to whatever”, and honestly I die a little inside every time I see this. Too many people just play and don’t think about why they died. Getting better at this puzzle and strategy game means you have to learn, otherwise this isn’t the game for you. Learning is not just restricted to knowing how and why you died, this means learning how to play different leads, learning how to manipulate the board better(via combos, cascades, general strategies, etc.), how to team build, and much much more. You will enjoy this game a lot more the better you are at it, so strive to improve, strive to try new things, strive for greatness. Obviously your first priority is to have fun, so don’t take this super seriously, have fun, enjoy yourself and move foward at your own pace.

You can find me on various PAD Facebook groups like HG, PG, OA, and AA, I’ll hopefully start a YouTube channel once I get my new phone. I’ve got 2 NA accounts, IDs are down below. I’m on discord as InSomnia#2988. I don’t typically respond to Facebook PMs unless I know you want to PM me. My first time using WordPress, so I’m still learning, the quality of content will go up as I learn more, but for now, hope you enjoyed reading!

NA Main: 398 361 378

NA Alt: 312 312 444



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